Date of Event Boronia Cricket Club: Fri Aug 14, 2020 7:38PM

We are all about to experience a preseason like no other. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are forced to adapt to a new preseason structure with a greater focus on individual accountability than ever before. Here is where the new “Hawker Games” comes into the play.

HOW IT WORKS: All senior players have been separated into one of three teams – named “EYAS”, “RED TAILS” and “BLACK KITE”. Players individually complete different sessions from the Preseason Program to earn points for their team. Players can earn extra points for their team by completing additional activities outside the program if they wish.

The Preseason Program and Teams will be published tomorrow morning at 10am on website, Facebook, TeamApp and Strava page. The Games officially begin this Sunday.

Once a session/activity has been completed it MUST be uploaded onto the Boronia C.C Strava page so the points can be assigned to your team. Any workouts not uploaded to Strava will go unnoticed and unrewarded.

All players must conform with the current COVID restrictions. Points will not be awarded for any activities that breach restrictions.

Team points will be calculated every Sunday morning for a weekly winner and an overall winner after the 4 week program.

50 points – Complete a workout from the program
10 points – For every km walked or a ran (eg. 5km walk = 50 pts)
0 points – Bike rides or if COVID restrictions are exceeded

For example, if a player was to complete the following activities during the week they would score 230 points for their team:
MON – 5km Walk (50 points)
TUE – Lower Workout (50 points)
WED – Rest Day (0 points)
THUR – Upper Workout (50 points)
FRI – Rest Day (0 points)
SAT – Core Workout & 3km Run (50 + 30 points)
SUN – Rest Day (0 points)

Teams and Program released 10am tomorrow. If you haven’t joined the club’s Strava Page – make sure to do so now!

Last updated: Friday August 14, 2020 7:43PM